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Welcome to the Constitutional Law Group

We are a network of Constitutional Lawyers providing Assistance of Counsel to Americans in need. We do not charge any upfront fee, nor do we require a retainer. We believe that all Americans have a right to receive Assistance of Counsel as stated in Article VI of the United States Constitution, and we do our best to help as many people as we can regardless of their ability to pay. We gladly accept donations, and appreciate the support of any and all who are able to provide it to us.

We are a small but growing group of volunteers who are united in our mission to fight against unconstitutional laws, rules, orders, mandates, and actions. We are all patriotic Americans who embrace, support, and defend our Constitution, which clearly defines our Unalienable Rights. We are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!

Our director, Rick Martin, is a highly experienced Constitutional Lawyer with over 30 thousand hours of law study and courtroom experience. Rick is a master in his knowledge of the Constitution, and started the Constitutional Law Group to passionately defend the Unalienable Rights of the American people.

Our Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and all laws that are repugnant to it are null and void. We are seeing egregious governmental trespasses against We the People, and we are determined to fight back! Our elected servants work for us, we are not ruled by them!

If we all unite, We the People can TAKE BACK OUR REPUBLIC, HOLD ALL GOVERNMENT SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE, and restore our God given constitutionally protected rights!


I need Assistance of Counsel


About Constitutional Law Group

Please Watch This Powerful Video of Rick Martin and David Sorensen

Lawful Ways to Defend Your Freedom

(Courtesy of David Sorensen)


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Constitutional Law Group

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The Constitutional Law Group

We are a group of Constitutional Lawyers that are experts in Constitutional Law who wisely and forcefully defend The People of the United States of America regardless of their ability to pay.

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