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Pastor Marty Stephens

I began my journey in 1978. At age 15 after an automobile accident, totaling a brand new 1978 Mustang rolling it 3 times, and miraculously surviving the crash, I remember praying within, “God I have no purpose or meaning in life, and have done nothing good, nor know how to do anything good with my life. But if you can do something good for the world, with my life, I give my heart and my life to you tonight.” My life changed at that moment. Two years later, in 1980, believing that I had been called by God to help others to come to Know Him, I enrolled in a Seminary in Springfield, MO. I felt within that I had been given the purpose from within and above of guiding others to the place of finding the meaning and purpose of life in God, and guiding others to find true fulfillment from within and above, through true faith in Jesus Christ.

It was while attending Seminary in Springfield, MO, I met my wife, Terri who was the daughter of a Pastor and Wife in Pittsburg, KS. We were married in 1986, and over the next 3 years God gave us 3 awesome sons, and 3 1/2 years later, He gave us our awesome and beautiful daughter. Since that beginning following graduation in 1986, for over 34 years with my beautiful wife Terri by my side, we have been actively involved in helping others as a Pastor, Counselor, and Educator through serving in Church Ministry, in Private and Public School Education, as a Public School Counselor and a Group Counselor and Care Coordinator in an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital.

While serving in the areas above I came to the understanding that the answers to all of our life’s problems are found within (which is most often the last place human beings look) by practice “being still”. All too often we look for the answers to our individual and relationship problems on the outside and through what we believe “professionals” can provide such as Pastors, Psychiatrists, Educators, and Doctors whom we often view as the ultimate “authorities” for us. While some temporary help is needed and can sometimes be provided to help address symptoms through the above “authorities” and is at times necessary, the ultimate “authority” is the Light and Truth within, and answers to the root causes of all of our individual and relationship problems can only be found within and above by sincerely seeking and finding the “Truth that will set us free”, and being happy to be shown that Truth, without resenting anything that we are shown by His Quiet Still Voice, His Wordless Word within.

In 2016, we founded the Foundation of Truth and Freedom, and Terri I continue to seek every opportunity which our Father and Creator gives to us to help and guide others to find meaning and purpose in life, and the root answers to life’s questions and problems by helping them to go within and above by the practice of Psalms 46:10 in which the Father exhorts us to: “Be still and know that He is God.. .” Not me, nor you, nor anyone else is, only Him, the Father, and Creator who Loves the World and desires for all to have a Spiritual Growing Relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

For the cause of Truth & Freedom,

This 7 Minute Spiritual Meditation is deeply unique and effective like none other, which I know by my own life experience. As a Pastor & Counselor, this has helped me, our family and many others. I recommend using this tool consistently for personal growth, freedom, and understanding in all of your relationships.
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Pastor Justin & Jordan Campbell

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Justin and Jordan Campbell aren’t your typical “Pastors.” Although Jordan grew up as an Assemblies of God “PK”, (preacher’s kid) she took some wrong turns after becoming a teenager. You can view her personal testimony and how she got involved in ministry here:

As for Justin, he had an even more difficult journey into his calling than she. As a child he experienced childhood abuse within his family home. One of his mother’s boyfriends even held a gun to his head at the young age of 8. There were drugs involved that fueled the abusive environment. A single mom doing the best she could, needed help and she seemed to find it in all the wrong places. She did take Justin and his older brother to church where he learned through Sunday School about God’s love. That was just the foundation that he would need as he grew into adolescence. He and his mother started to clash when Justin was about the age of 12. She was having issues trying to keep her new husband happy and Justin was in the way. She sent him to live with his father in Milton, FL. His father was a Veteran Air Force Sergeant. They had very little money and because of that Justin was given a lot of leeway and was more of a friend of his father than a son. At the age of 14 Justin started attending a Pentacostal church with a friend from his high school. He was very hungry for God and at the same time confused. He never could really find God within those walls. If even for a moment He experienced His Presence within a worship service, people around him mocked his ability to enter into that place. Justin played sports all his life. He was injured after receiving a Baseball Scholarship for College and was sent to a pain doctor. Justin got really sick the first time he took that pain pill, but after the second bottle was filled he was hooked. At the age of 21 Justin was spiraling out of control with his addiction with pain killers. He was involved with a girlfriend who fueled his passion for the fix. They had a beautiful babygirl when Justin was 22. Kayleighia Grace, who was the light of his life. He affectionately nicknamed her “KK.” After a domestic violence against him , and the mother of KK catching the home on fire, Justin was ordered to keep the child away from the mother by the courts. Justin being sympathetic and not wanting to keep the child from the mother and vice versa violated the court order. Kayleighia at only 18 months old was then removed from Justin’s care illegally by them threatening to take his next child away if he did not sign over his rights. Justin was lost entirely after this and the drug abuse continued to spiral.

Justin prayed one night for a way out. He was homeless, and addicted with no way out. At a seedy motel he hit his rock bottom. God answered in the most miraculous way. A random woman walked up in his hotel room, full exposed, no clothes in sight. The woman had a disability and the hotel manager and woman in care of her followed quickly after her. The police ended up responding and coming to help the manager and smooth things over and take a statement. Justin did not want that , but he had prayed and this was God’s response to that prayer. He was running from the law, and they knew exactly who he was when they walked in. Justin picked up the Bible for the first time in his life and really started to seek God. Jail helped, but it wasn’t the final answer at this time but certainly part of the journey. In 2012 Jordan came back into Justin’s life after they had briefly met through mutual friends and relatives.

By August of 2012 Justin was on his knee in the middle of the pitchers mound at a local Baseball Stadium popping the question in front of thousands of people. She said “YES!” By the spring of 2013 they were married and settling in to their first apartment. They both had felony arrests, Jordan was charged so that in itself was a miracle. Usually no one can receive housing with a felony on their record. God worked it out for them like so many other things along their journey. They are eager to share with anyone willing to listen. God called them both separately and together into ministry in March of 2020. They are bubbling over with the Joy of the Lord and willing to help anyone who reaches out. Justin does street ministry as well as online ministry through his podcast through Anchor. You can listen here They fight for the voiceless, and give hope to the hopeless. They are a true light in the darkness and aren’t affiliated with any four-walled entity. They believe THEY ARE the church and anyone doing the will of their Heavenly Father is their Family! They will do individual counseling, and or couples counseling if anyone needs it. They specialize in addiction counseling and spiritual leadership through discipling others. They stand firm on The Word of God and DO NOT compromise. They are patriots at their core, although their citizenship is in Heaven. You can contact them at tr**********@ya***.com

Reputable resources for seeking out truth are found below. We do our own research and then seek God’s guidance and line it up with His Word. God Bless you and your families

Dr. Rick Warren 

We are a Faith-based Christian Ministry that is dedicated to ministering God’s Word around to globe and educating all those in need of edification. “ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE” 

I am the founder of Truth In Truth Ministries and my contact is as follows and my webpage is now published and active. I can help on spiritual matters and am an ordained Messianic-Christian minister with the goal of spreading the everlasting gospel wherever possible.

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