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  1. How To Take Back America
  2. Presumptive Letter - Elements and Intent
  3. Affidavit - Elements and Intent
  4. Affidavit - Declaration of Truth
  5. Affidavit of Truth - Hawaii Sample
  6. How to file an Affidavit:  IMPORTANT: Give only 10 days to rebut. We are shortening the time frame.

    Once completed purchase enough 2 cent stamps to put on the front of each page of your affidavit. Place them on the top right corner of each page then sign your FULL NAME in cursive in BLUE INK across the stamp from bottom left to top right. Take the affidavit to a notary to get notarized and stamped. Have them stamp the front and back of every single page of your document. Be sure to make copies after it is notarized. One copy to send to the recipient and one for your records.

    Go to your County Courthouse and file it with the County Clerk under "Miscellaneous". File the master copy with the county clerk. There is a minimal fee and it is different in every state.  Ask for it to be filed and stamped immediately and ask for 2 copies.  One for the recipient and one for your records. Take note of the date, time and name of the person who processed your paperwork and keep your copy of the affidavit and this information in a safe place.

    Mail a copy of the Notarized/Court filed/Stamped copy to the recipient.  It must be sent registered mail with a receipt request, or you can hire a process server and have them sign for it. If you are filing against a governor please hire a process server.

    Once you get a notification that they received it you wait 10 business days then you take it to your district magistrate (judge) to show that they tacitly agreed by not rebutting your claims. Demand that the magistrate (judge) awards you a summary judgement in your favor because an unrebutted affidavit and declaration of truth and fact stands as fact in law.  Please contact us immediately through our website once this process is completed.

  7. Affidavit Instruction Videos - Please watch all 3 videos of Jack and Margy Flynn explaining the affidavit


How the Courts System Works


American Police Action Plan for Stopping World Government Rule:

Operation Vampire Killer 2000
Published by: Police Against the New World Order
Sourced From: The Lawful Path

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You don't have to wear a mask in your business and don't have to insist that your customers wear a mask.

Download and read these:

Post this on your door:

Print these and hand out:

to any government official that comes into your business to interrupt your business, impose a fine, remove a license ...

Dept of Health and Human Services Claim


Please use this as a template:



Sheriffs' Handbook

Download this PDF to your computer and email to your Sheriff.  Of course, you can print it and hand deliver it as well.


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