When a Government Official knocks on your door


Notice to Employer or School - Right to Refuse Vaxx

Notice to Employer or School


Right to Refuse Jab

Right to Refuse Jab


Military Writ of Prohibition Addressing the Unlawful Trespass on Rights   

Cover for Writ

Writ of Prohibition


Testimonies & Reports From those who have experienced adverse reactions due to the Covid Vaccine 

Informed Consent Matters

Personal Affidavit and Warranty of COVID-19 Efficacy

Just Say No To Experimental Gene Therapy

 A Private Business is a Public Accommodation

Civil Rights Act 1964

Respirators and Masks Do Not Prevent Virus Transmission

 Respirators and Masks

Sheriffs' Handbook

Sheriff Handbook

Learn the Constitution and know the Law

When you learn The Constitution, you will know the Supreme Law of our land.  Download a copy of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution here.

Common Law Resources

Committeeman Handbook

Committee of Safety Handbook

Committee of Safety Resolution

Organizational Chart Power Point

Jurist Questionnaire

HC Vernon


Evidence You've Been Scammed

Mass Tort Claim

Dr. David Martin


Evidence of Government & C.D.C. Criminal Behavior

The Fauci/COVID19 Dossier






 Dept. of Health and Human Services Claim


Washington State Snohomish Health District Claim form

Claim Form WA


Documents about Vaccines

Personal Affidavit and Warranty of Vaccine Efficacy and Safety

Right to Refuse Experimental Gene Therapy & Masks


Documents about Face Masks

Legal rights to not wear a mask

Don't tread on me

Notice to government officials

Face mask exempt card

Mask- ADA- Hipaa

Death science depopulation trifecta

D.O.H. Order for face masks

Don't be a slave to the mask


Right to Refuse  

Right to Refuse Experimental Gene Therapy & Masks

Courtesy of Monique Lukens template -  utilizing Leigh Dundas links/laws and info from Peggy Hall at:  thehealthyamerican.org

Non Statutory Abatement

 Non Statutory Abatement

Cease & Desist

Cease & Desist (Word)

Cease & Desist (PDF)

Notice of Discrimination

Notice of Discrimination - Print this Notice of Discrimination in color. Take it to your County Sheriff and file Discrimination charges. 

Notice of Discrimination (pdf)


Notice of Inquiry and/or Report of Detainment 

Notice to Peace Officer

Notice to Arresting Officer (Template)


Notice of Inquiry/Public Servants

Notice to Public Servant


Business Owner Information

Business Owner Information

Patriot Action Teams

Contact Card for Meetings

Free People's Educational Packet Template


Key points for Business and Customers

Key points for Business and Customers


Church & Business Resources To Print

Church & Business

Dear Pastor  share with pastors all over the world!

Patriot Action Teams

Patriot Action Teams


Business Resources

You don't have to wear a mask in your business and don't have to insist that your customers wear a mask.

Download and read these:

Businesses know the law when the government  comes knocking

Businesses know the law pertaining to your employees and customers : Notice of liability

Individuals know the law when the government comes knocking

Post this on your door:

Welcome we are constitutionally compliant 

No masks required

Covid is Not a Pandemic

Print these and hand out to any government official that comes into your business to interrupt your business, impose a fine, remove a license ...

Don't tread on me

How To Take Back America


Court Documents

  1. Notice to Peace Officer/Detainment
  2. No Order Suspends Rights
  3. Notice to Demand Court Read all Pleadings
  4. Notice To Claim and Exercise Constitutional Rights
  5. Notice to Arresting Officer
  6. Judicial Notice
  7. Certificate of Service
  8. Constitutional Challenges in Court Before Proceedings Start
  9. Notice for Citizens Demand for Trial by Jury
  10. Notice of Personal Civil and Criminal Liability


Traffic Law:

  1. Right to Travel Package
  2. Report of Detainment

Published by: Police Against the New World Order
Sourced From: The Lawful Path



More PDF Documents


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