Evidence of Government & C.D.C. Scam and Mass Genocide

The Fauci/COVID19 Dossier

Mass Tort Claim

Dr. David Martin Video May 1st 2020

Documents About the Shot of Mass Genocide

Conditional Acceptance "To Employer"

Lawful Notice to Employer 

Notice Regarding Affirmation of Constitutionally Protected Rights  This Notice Regarding Affirmation of Constitutionally Protected Rights shall never guarantee that you shall not be terminated or laid off. This is a lawful Notice and liability demonstrating violations against God and humanity.

Cover for Military Writ

Military Writ of Prohibition

Enlisted File a Report and Defend the Constitution  Robbb Ryder

Nuremberg Legal Notice Form

Notice to Employer or School Right to Refuse the Shot of Mass Genocide

Notice of Right to Refuse the Needle (shot of Mass Genocide)

Notice and Conditional Acceptance Agreement Between Vaccine Providers and Vaccinated Party 

Liability Notice for Employer or School

Personal Affidavit and Warranty of COVID19 Efficacy Give to Doctor or Health Care Professional

How to Say NO to the Needle   Compliments of Peggy Hall @   thehealthyamerican.org

Testimonies & Reports of those who experienced adverse reactions due to the Covid Vaccine aka (Shot of Mass Genocide)

Informed Consent Matters

Hospitals and Medical Kidnap

Durable Medical POA   This is a sample of a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. Please do your own research and be sure that your form of template complies with state law requirements. There are 4 states that have strict requirements for basic Power of Attorney for Health Care:  New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.

This requires two witnesses and must be signed notarized. Make copies and give to your Agent (POA) and Alternate Agent and keep copies in a safe place and keep a copy in your car. 

Be prepared. Ask your witness/witnesses to draft an Affidavit (and get it notarized) stating that the principal was of sound mind and that they were present when the principle verbally expressed their concerns and distrust with the medical system and made known their wishes and demands to you as to how they wish to be cared for by medical staff. 

Notice of Liability to Hospital for Expecting Parents

Prevention of Medical Kidnap   Make copies of this and give to your Medical Power of Attorney and Alternate Agents. Keep a copy in your automobile too. 

Lifesaving Patient Advocacy During Covid - Video

Michelle Rowton Health Care Advocate

Escaping the Hospital Pastor Sharam Hadian


When a Government Official knocks on your door


Notice to Peace Officer

Notice to Arresting Officer (Template)

Notice to Public Servant

Business Resources

Business Owners Take Action

Business Owner Information

Patriot Action Teams

Contact Card for Meetings

Key points for Business and Customers You, nor are your customers required to wear a mask, social distance or show proof of Covid19 vaccine in your business.

Post this on your door:

Welcome We are Constitutionally Compliant

Covid is NOT a Pandemic

Print these and hand out to any government official that comes into your business to interrupt your business, impose a fine, remove a license ...

Don't Tread on my Business

How To Take Back America

Church & Business Resources To Print

Church & Business

Dear Pastor  share with pastors all over the world!

Customer Resources

Customers Know Your Rights

Civil Rights Act 1964  A Private Business is a Public Accommodation when engaged in commerce and open to the public. They cannot lawfully deny you service. This is unlawful Discrimination.

We Will Remember You Record Card

Employee Resources

Employees Know Your Rights

Learn the Constitution and know the Law

When you learn The Constitution, you will know the Supreme Law of our land.  Download a copy of the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution here.

Sheriffs' Handbook

Sheriff Handbook

Notice to Act  Hold your County Sheriff accountable

Notice of Discrimination

Notice of Discrimination - Print this Notice of Discrimination in color. File it with your County Sheriff.

Notice of Discrimination pdf

Cease & Desist

Cease and Desist

Common Law Resources

Committee of Safety Handbook

Committeeman Handbook

Committee of Safety Handbook

Committee of Safety Resolution

Organizational Chart Power Point

Jurist Questionnaire

HC Vernon

Dept. of Health and Human Services Claim


Documents about Face Masks

Respirators and Masks

Legal rights to not wear a mask

Face mask exempt card

Mask- ADA- Hipaa

Death science depopulation trifecta

D.O.H. Order for face masks

Don't be a slave to the mask


Court Documents

  1. Abatement- Template
  2. Allodial title and land patents
  3. Answer-to-complaint-and-counterclaim-form
  4. Certificate of Service 
  5. Constitutional Challenges in Court Before Proceedings Start
  6. Courts Are Free
  7. El Dorado County Complaint
  8. Get-out-of-debt-free-user-guide
  9. How-to-defeat-the-maritime-admiralty-law-courts
  10. How-to-kill-the-SSN
  11. How-to-stop-foreclosure
  12. Judicial Notice
  13. Keep Public Servants In Check - The Uniform Bonding Code
  14. Know What You Are Buying When You Pay A BAR Attorney
  15. Letter-rogatory
  16. Living-in-the-private-jurisdiction-is-the-key
  17. Mortgage-killer
  18. Motion for Non BAR Assistance of Counsel
  19. Notarial-protest-manual
  20. Notice to Peace Officer/Detainment
  21. No Order Suspends Rights
  22. Notice to Arresting Officer
  23. Notice To Claim and Exercise Constitutional Rights
  24. Notice-of-hearing-for-Writ-of-Habeas-Corpus
  25. Notice to Demand Court Read all Pleadings
  26. Notice To Claim and Exercise Constitutional Rights
  27. Notice to Arresting Officer
  28. Notice to Inspect Grand Jury Documents
  29. Notice-to-peace-officers
  30. Notice of Motion for Bill of Particulars
  31. Notice to Peace Officer/Detainment
  32. Notice for Citizens Demand for Trial by Jury
  33. Notice of Personal Civil and Criminal Liability
  34. Non Statutory Abatement
  35. Police_are_private_contractors_for_a_private_corporation
  36. Power-of-Attorney-template
  37. Proposed-order-submitted-with-Writ-of-Habeas-Corpus
  38. Prosecute the Prosecutor
  39. Response-letter-to-debt-collection-law-firm-for-unadjudicated-cases
  40. Right_to_Travel_and_declaration_of_status affidavit
  41. Rights Violation Checklist
  42. Send feedback to FDA
  43. Subrogation-letter-to-Court-Clerk-
  44. Subrogation-notice---Motion-to-Dismiss
  45. What is a Surety Bond positive law book
  46. Writ to be Heard

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