Our Current Purpose & Focus:

We are in a very dark time where many components of our government are actively working to destroy our rights under the pretense of a "global pandemic". We are seeing a barrage of unconstitutional "lockdowns", "Executive Orders", rules, mandates, etc. that flagrantly infringe on our Constitutionally protected rights. We are seeing fear and chaos spreading through our nation, and our freedoms and liberties are being threatened like never before. Many a patriotic American fought and died for these rights, and WE WILL NOT sit idly by and watch it happen!

We are pursuing lawful claims against multiple governors and other public servants in multiple states for acting under Color of Law. These states include California, Washington, and New Jersey. Executive Orders are NOT LAWS! NO American can be subjected to threats, intimidation, or punishment for NOT obeying an Executive Order. NO emergency power supersedes the Constitution!

If any American is threatened by a government "official" with punishments for not obeying unconstitutional and unlawful orders, that "official" is acting under "Color of Law", and by doing so becomes PERSONALLY liable for their actions. They are stripped of their "judicial immunity", and can be sued PERSONALLY.

Currently, our resources are engaged with:

  1. Pursuing mass tort claims against the governors of multiple states

  2. Working very closely with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer's Association, headed by Sheriff Richard Mack, to provide support, information, resources, and education to every sheriff in America. This is critical, because our sheriffs are the Supreme defenders of the rights of the citizens in their counties. We need to unite behind every single sheriff immediately and show them we support them and encourage them to support us by honoring their vow to uphold and defend our Constitution. To this end, we provide the Sheriff's Handbook, which gives them the vital information they need to effectively defend us all. Our Sheriffs have the power to protect We the People in their respective counties from unconstitutional laws, rules, mandates, and actions.

  3. Providing the resources necessary for all of the People who are being threatened, harassed, intimidated, arrested, trespassed, etc. to fight BACK against such tyranny using our judicial processes. All forms and instructions are being finalized and will be available on the Constitutional Law Group TAKE ACTION tab.

  4. Spreading the knowledge and power of our beloved Constitution in conjunction with our allies in order to educate EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN about their God given, Constitutionally protected rights. There are abundant resources available here. As our Director, Rick Martin says, "If you don't know your rights, you have no rights".

  5. Recruiting every available ally to help us provide Assistance of Counsel to Americans in need. If you are knowledgeable about the Constitution and the law, and would like to pursue becoming Assistance of Counsel, please contact us.

  6. Finding like minded individuals and organizations who are also working to protect our God given rights and fight back against tyranny with whom to work cooperatively.  Our network of sponsors is growing daily, and we are all driven to fight back against our wildly corrupt government!

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We are a group of Constitutional Lawyers that are experts in Constitutional Law who wisely and forcefully defend The People of the United States of America regardless of their ability to pay.

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