General Flynn at Glad Tidings, Live Oak, CA

General Flynn & Marlena Pavlos Hackney

There is no variant... not novel... no pandemic. Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich

No Pandemic


Dr. David Martin - How Did We Get Here?

Free & Brave Conference

Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Xavier Figueroa, Jena Dalpez, Sheriff Dar Leaf & Rick Martin

Life Liberty & Justice for All


Give Me Liberty - Rick Martin

Do Not Go Gentle Into Tyranny

Dr. Judy Mikovits from the Love of Liberty Conference

Dr. David Martin & Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Martin & Dr. Mikovits


Dr. David Martin - Video Supporting the Mass Tort Claim

Dr. David Martin

Every American needs to hear this - Christopher James

Doctors Testify Before Texas State Senate Opposing Mandatory COVID Jabs

Jack and Margy Flynn

Warning!! Nanoparticles in Covid "Vaccines" will link you with DARPA/Gates DNA Technology

Dr Peter McCullough interviewed by Dr Peter Breggin talking covid numbers and the numbers are scary

Deception of Protection: Anatomy of an Involuntary Guardianship



Undeniable Proof of Scam

COVID19 Vaccine Disaster

This is Why COVID Cases are going horribly up

General Flynn calls for Investigation

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

4-Minute Video: Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on The Hagmann Report 4/8/2021

Andreas Kalcker

A miracle cure for COVID + Scientists against the New World Order.

Dr. Ryan Cole - Truth of C19 Treatment Options

Supporting Marlena's with Rick Martin and Tammy Clark

What's Next for Marlena's? with Rick Martin

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney

Marlena's Fight for Freedom




Raw: Crimes Against Humanity: Robert David Steele With Rick Martin

VRCE Trailer

Treason Charges Served on Entire County

Selective Spike Proteins and Other Statistical Wonders

Click to watch "Breaking Justice" with Rick Martin on Frequency Wars 


Have the wheels of justice gone off the rails? Where are all the constitutional civil rights lawyers when we need them the most, like right now? The collusion of private companies and our governmental agencies are at an all-time high. The conflict of interest is astounding. One recent example: The same groups of people creating the vaccines are financially benefiting from it. Is any attorney questioning that? And why not? What’s stopping them? Has the machine become so powerful that the law can’t penetrate it anymore? And if that's the case, where does it leave justice which our founding fathers fought and died for!! On Frequency Wars, we will be discussing justice with one of the few lawyers left willing to speak up and take action against the unjust. Rick Martin, a constitutional civil rights lawyer has been fighting the corrupt judicial system for over 30 years. His firm has filed 42 mass tort claims against corrupt governors, The Health Department, and Bill Gates. Not pulling punches here. Why don’t we see more Rick Martin’s now? Is our judicial system systemically broken and have we been living in a banana republic with selective kangaroo courts and corrupted and blackmailed donkeys and elephants setting the laws. And as Americans, do we even realize it yet? Well, it's time to find out why!

Star Spangled Banner as You've Never Heard It

Fight For Freedom/ Stop World Control

Stop World Control

Rick Martin & David Sorensen

Powerful Lawful Ways To Defend Your Freedom

Rick Martin Boston, Massachusetts (October 5th 2020)

COVID-19 On Trial

Leigh Dundas  ~ Conference Call with Trump Campaign ~ Update

Michael Yeadon Ph.D Former Vice-President & Chief Advisor Pfizer:


Watch the video on Brighteon




Constitutional Law Group Meeting Hardwick, VT Part I


Constitutional Law Group Meeting Hardwick, VT Part II

TRUTH with Robert F Kennedy Jr and David Martin of Plandemic II: Indoctornation

Please watch the following video: I'm with Mask

Public Health Amnesia

What's Really in the COVID-19 Vaccine? Humans 2.0


Interview by Andrew Kaufman with Dr Carrie Madej

Brave patriotic woman in Palm Beach serves entire County Board!

County Board Charged with Treason

This amazing and meticulously sourced documentary features Dr. Judy Mikovits revealing the disturbing truth behind the Covid-19 "Pandemic". This is part one of two parts.

Click below to watch:
Plandemic Part 1 (Official Re-Release)

In this stunning documentary, we see all of the background and vital information  regarding this Covid-19 "Plandemic", with sources and evidence. This is part two of two.

Click below to watch:



Dr. David Martin

Dr. Martin is ...

In the video below, Dr David Martin Detailing Constitutional, and other Crimes by the CDC, Fauci, and Many Governors. 

Click on the video to watch.

Dave talks about his "weakness

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