To do List in Order of Priority

This is christo's test 

We need to get the files that you want to be used:


Files from gmail accounts are here:

The directory will work like on computer.  If a folder, tap to open and see contents.

  • Once you have completed finding and moving all of the files that you need from here, this directory should be deleted.
  • Submit a ticket and tell me when you are done with it and I will delete it.


I have created an internal file share program here:

This is for internal use only.  Staff.  People must have been given a username and password to access these files.

Users can upload and download files here for sharing with staff.

If you want someone to have access to this file share, do NOT give them your username and password.

  • Submit a ticket to me with their email address and desired password and I will give them access.


Any files that you want to make available for public download should be:

  • Uploaded into the files folder
  • Link added on some page to the file

Note: any word documents should be converted first (File / Save As PDF) and then upload the PDF file instead of Word.  Not everyone can open Word.  Everyone can open a PFD.


The original video format will depend upon your device.  If you upload that format for viewing, some people will not have the proper codex on their computer to play it.  You should upload to your Youtube channel to embed on your website.


I will have this program open soon (It is a video sharing alternative to Youtube)

It is live now, but I have not completed configuration.  Hope to complete it by 6/12/2020.

Strategy (TAP HERE)

I have made an attempt below to get a start.  These things, completed should be published on the about page


Get small businesses open.



  • no group
  • lazy people (busy) don't want to do form


  • people that don't follow the constitution
  • unknowns (will they support?)


  • Lawyers
  • People


  • See violators arrested.


  • Go after

Get the Constitutional Law Group Fleshed Out

  • We want to distribute letters, posters, flyers with instructions for businesses and notices to law enforcement.
  • We want CONSTITUTIONAL LAW GROUP logo (I'll make a simple, clear one), website and phone number to be on these.
  • We want people that visit the website to see AS MANY LAWYERS as possible (strength in numbers)

1) Get names and bios of core lawyers in group - make them "directors" or "coordinators" Advisors

We want names, contact, photos.

2) Get list of as many others as possible (lawyer members), make as easy as possible to get on site, require only the most rudimentary affirmations to be added to the directory.

Publish as much as they give us:

  • Name
  • City, State
  • Mail address
  • Phone

Create Simple Documents

Let's create a simple document (letter) for business owners to educate them and give them the courage to open.

  • Letter for businesses
  • Notice for law enforcement
  • Letter to residents (consumers) - can be most cheaply using EDDM (USPS Every Door Direct Mail)


Strength in Numbers Open Cities

  • Coordinate the opening of businesses in cities to open on same day.
  • Gives police dept. and sherriff's dept an "acceptable excuse" to NOT attempt to enforce (too many and would not be fair to close some or arrest some and not all)

Call Management

If someone calls the toll free number, here is what they will hear:

You have reached the Constitutional Law Group. Please listen to the entirety of this message.  99% of all questions, access to general information, including law documents, can be found on our website.  If you need to schedule a consultation or want to interview one of our lawyers, you must complete the contact form on our website.  It is easy to find.

The website address is Constitutional Law Group . US

We only answer calls from the following people:

1) People that are presently being questioned by law enforcement or government officials. Do not speak with them without presence of counsel.  Talk with us instead. We will defend you.

2) A Government official or law enforcement officer that is in contact with a person that is in need of counsel.

You will now be connected to the Constitutional Law Group.  The following conversation will be recorded.


Mission, Vision, Values, Strategy Explained

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What is a Business Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy?  In the most simple of descriptions,

  • the mission identifies the business's uniqueness, (USPs, [Unique Selling Propositions] - how it is different from the competition)
  • the vision explains how the target is impacted
  • the values are the company's rules of behavior
  • and the strategy is the plan that is followed to fulfill it's vision.

The Business Mission

The business mission describes what the business does, for whom is it done and how is it accomplished.  It essentially must answer these three questions:

  • What do we do?
  • Who is our target?
  • How do we help them?

The business's mission statement will confirm its value in the marketplace.  It is critical to have this clearly defined and regularly transmitted to your team in order to achieve maximum unity of purpose and practice and the success of your business.

The Business Vision

The business vision has two components: core beliefs and future aspirations

  • Core beliefs answer the questions "Why do we exist?" and "What do we stand for?"
  • Future aspirations answer the questions "What will we become?" and "How will we make an impact?"

The core beliefs provide the foundation for the business and the future aspirations provide a goal that always keeps the organization reaching.  Aspirations should never be fully realized.  You are trying to become "the best" that you can be and you can always improve.

The vision explains the "Why" of the business, but does not answer the "How" it will accomplish the "Why".

Your vision will answer such questions as: "what are we trying to change", "whom are we hoping to impact",  "what problem(s) are we trying to solve" and "what are our dreams"?

The Business Values

The business's values are it's "Bible". It answers the question, "What are the rules that govern ouy behavior?" 

Values can be both and essential and aspirational, however.

A business should NEVER transgress it's essential values in the process of fulfilling its mission or vision.  The business's aspirational values may sometimes be impossible to meet at currently, but there is a published goal to make them essential as the business is able.

Values must be declared in terms of behaviors in order to be consequential.

The Business Strategy

The business strategy is a clearly defined plan that includes specifics about the business's target market and the vehicles used to deliver it's solutions and accomplish it's goals defined by time.  Strategies must have goals that are planned on being achieved by a specified time.

Dreams are not goals.

A goal without specifically defined instruments and deadlines for achievement is really just a dream.

Your strategy will also define:

  • how your business is organized (structure)
  • how you will allocate your resources
  • how you will prioritize the business's affairs

Constitutional Law Group

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The Constitutional Law Group

We are a group of Constitutional Lawyers that are experts in Constitutional Law who wisely and forcefully defend The People of the United States of America regardless of their ability to pay.

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