Sponsors Thank You Package

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Sponsors Thank You Package

As a thank you for sponsoring us, we will be sending you our Sponsors Thank You Package!

Your package will include the following:

Bronze Sponsors

  • 10 Pocket Constitutions
  • 2 Baseball Caps with CLG Logo

Silver Sponsors

  • 50 Pocket Constitutions
  • 4 Baseball Caps with CLG Logo
  • 2 Coffee Mugs

Gold Sponsors

  • 100 Pocket Constitutions
  • 8 Baseball Caps with CLG Logo
  • 4 Coffee Mugs
  • 4 T-shirts with CLG Logo

Platinum Sponsors

  • 100 Pocket Constitutions
  • 10 Baseball Caps with CLG Logo
  • 10 Coffee Mugs
  • 10 T-shirts with CLG Logo

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