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Small Business Website Builder CMS Easy Powerful Affordable

Best Way Websites is a Small Business Website Builder and CMS (Content Management System).  It is Easy to use, Powerful and Affordable.

It is the world's only HYBRID website generator (easy to use) and CMS.  The program is competitive with the most powerful applications today, such as: Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal but is as easy to use as the popular website builders such as Wix or Weebly or the Godaddy website builder.

Why Best Way Websites?

doug.pngMy name is Doug.  I am the founder and architect of Best Way Websites.  I am a patriot taking a stand against tyranny.  I was looking for some support (LAWFUL) and that is how I came into contact with Rick Martin from the Constitutional Law Group.

I am the administrator of this website and we have several others that are assisting as webmasters and managers.

In my first conversation with Rick, he explained that his previous website had been compromised somehow and was deleted.  I volunteered to work to recover his files and rebuild his website as an investment in him and in appreciation for what he is doing to try and get businesses in the USA to reopen.

Alarmed by Observing Fearful Compliance to NON-laws!

From the very first SECOND I heard about this "dread new virus" that was going to kill so many of us, so we needed to CLOSE our businesses and lock ourselves in our homes and keep six feet away from other people and wear a mask to help prevent the spread of this dread virus, I was struck with FEAR SUSPICION.

I started by building a website which I named  I created some memes and printed some banners to post in front of my business.

The Best Way Website offices are located in a co-working facility in Port Angeles, Washington.  It is named Port Angeles Business Central and occupies the #1, most conspicuous real estate for a business in the city.  It is on the most visible corner in the small town, which is the gateway to Olympic National Park.

An average of 20,000 to 40,000 cars per day pass by the corner of Port Angeles Business Central, and on the corner, there is always a large, 4' X 8' banner on display.

The first banner that was displayed there is below.  Tap here for a high resolution PDF that you can have printed for yourself.


Posting that banner above and others similar made me conspicuous and made it very clear where I stood.  I was able to attract the attention of Black Lives Matter and Antifa as a result of this and received some threats but no harm has come to me or my business as of the writing of this on 06/24/2020 at 7:40:12 AM.

Having this conviction with the potential unsavory outcome is what brought me to partnering with Rick Martin at the Constitutional Law Group and I am engaged as much as I can be in seeing the mission of the Constitutional Law Group fulfilled.

Back to Business as Usual

I also had created a directory called "Back to Business as Usual."  I am operating the directory program itself via another brand which I own called Bigfoot.Marketing.

My goal was to encourage other businesses to do as I was: conducting business as usual and IGNORING rules, mandates and edicts that were UNCONSTITUTIONAL and did not have the force of LAW.

I have mostly uncovered more and more FEAR.

Businesses that share my CONVICTIONS 100% lack the COURAGE to take a stand.  I am doing all I can to enfuse some COURAGE into them to stand for their Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


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