WE THE PEOPLE  SHALL  AND  WILL TAKE BACK OUR REPUBLIC                                                              

This is a guide for you to use and share with everyone you know. The following are very important instructions on how to restore our Great Republic once and for all. The key is EDUCATE and UNITE!

  1. Please join Constitutional Law Group at: Join CLG .
  2. Connect with other patriots in your city/county through Churches, Schools, Instagram FB, Twitter etc.
  3. Find a church or pub to meet for weekly meetings.
  4. Form a Committee of Safety.
  5. Read the Sheriff Handbook.
  6. Teach the Constitution through videos: KrisAnne Hall, Rick Green or Hillsdale College.
  7. Immediately work on communications in the event that we lose internet or power.
  8. Get to know your Sheriff and invite him/her to your meetings.
  9. Go to CLG site under, Take Action then Actions Against Schools tab and read in its entirety.
  10. Go to School board meetings (12 to 20 people) and serve them “Living Testimony in the form of Petition for Grievances.”
  11. Have “Petition Parties” at your weekly meeting or in front of schools, in homes, parks, etc. Find notaries to contribute their time. Have petitions ready for people to fill in the blanks.
  12. Protest (peacefully) in front of schools with signs and posters. Video tape to post on social media sites.
  13. If the School Board denies your FOIA and ignores your demand to stop masks, CRT and pornographic Sex-Ed: File a complaint with The Department of Education Civil Rights Division, The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and a criminal complaint with your county sheriff. Attach a sworn “Affidavit and Declaration of Truth” template found under the  Action Against Schools tab and include a copy of your “Living Testimony in the form of a Petition for Grievances” addressed to the school board. Get everything recorded with the county auditor. Do this by the hundreds if not thousands!
  14. Find conservatives that want to run for your local school boards. Support them.
  15. Find local Home School Resources and compile the information for parents that chose to remove them from the corrupt school system.
  16. Invite conservative candidates running for city council, county seats, public schools to your weekly meeting and have them speak to get to know them and support them if they are in alignment with you.
  17. Have bi-weekly meetings and stay connected with national Patriot Groups and continue to share this information with all your friends.

Together as a united front we shall win this war!


Join CLG 

Please watch these very important videos courtesy of Dr. David Martin:

How Did We Get Here - Dr. David Martin

There is No Variant - Martin & Fuellmich

When we unite, We the People shall and will TAKE BACK OUR REPUBLIC, HOLD ALL GOVERNMENT SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE, and restore our God given constitutionally protected rights!


                                                                                              God Bless America







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