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        We the People can NOT perpetuate a lie by wearing a mask when we know Covid is NOT a pandemic.

We are a small but growing group of volunteers who are united in our mission to fight against unconstitutional laws, rules, orders, mandates, and actions. We are all patriotic Americans who embrace, support, and defend our Constitution, which clearly defines our Unalienable Rights. We are one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

We are formulating lawful process for taking action against all public servants who act without discretion and in open violation to their oath of office for which We the People will hold each and every one accountable for their injuries and crimes against humanity.

Our founder, Rick Martin, is highly experienced in Constitutional Law with over 30 thousand hours of law study. Rick is a master in his knowledge of the Constitution, and started the Constitutional Law Group to passionately defend the Unalienable Rights of the American people.

Our Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and all laws that are repugnant to it are null and void. We are seeing egregious governmental trespasses against We the People, and we are determined to fight back! Our elected servants work for us, we are not ruled by them!

We are here to help you but you have to be willing to educate and give yourself the tools  needed to win in court.  At this time, we have limited resources when it comes to defending the whole of America.  We are looking to recruit more Constitutional Lawyers. Rick Martin is assisting well over 20,000 businesses across the United States to lawfully open and defend the rights of those who are unlawfully discriminated against or unlawfully arrested in true violation of well-established law.

Please go to Resources drop-down and click on the Law & The Courts tab. This is where you will find information on how to deal with public servants and how to handle yourself in court. Please watch  Constitution Alive with Rick Green & David Barton under Law Education Videos and please read all documentation that we provide.  99% of your questions can be addressed and answered by what is provided on our website.

Read it, study it and practice all the scripts and paperwork so that you may regain your power over a corrupt judicial system acting outside their oaths of office and the Constitution. We at the Constitutional Law Group ARE NOT a “for profit corporation.” We are a group of professionals and volunteers. This is a labor of love to save our Republic.  No emergency order, executive order, has or will ever have the authority to violate any rights protected under the Constitution. Those government agencies that do, SHALL AND WILL be held accountable for each one of their trespasses to the fullest extent of the law.

When we unite, We the People shall and will TAKE BACK OUR REPUBLIC, HOLD ALL GOVERNMENT SERVANTS ACCOUNTABLE, and restore our God given constitutionally protected rights!









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We are a group of Constitutional Lawyers that are experts in Constitutional Law who wisely and forcefully defend The People of the United States of America regardless of their ability to pay.

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