Be aware: that schools receive monies for each student as well as a "COVID19" grant from the government in the sum of millions per school district to unlawfully enforce the wearing of masks. These schools are  "indoctrination camps" and are unlawfully brainwashing, bullying and coercing your offspring into servitude. This is blatant child abuse, neglect and endangerment to the well-being of current and future offspring! Being the proactive approach is for one to defend your offspring by unenrolling and defunding the unlawful abuse from a corrupt school system.

Many parents/guardians have successfully resorted to private schooling or structured home schooling. It is your choice to refrain from these actions and resort to preparing and sending a Notice of Liability and Conditional Acceptance with a bill of $5000.00 to be paid by the School District to you personally. They are now entering into a contract and that contract is lawful and binding. They shall continue to have your offspring unlawfully wear a mask so long as the school continues to pay their contractual bill of $5000.00 per day. Until such time as the school can provide medical evidence that wearing a medical device known as a mask provides bonafide protection under a sworn Declaration/Affidavit of Truth and Fact by wearing such a medical device will curve or prevent further infection. Upon such time our demand shall remain in effect. Create a group effort to stand against the abuse of the children that are depending on us to defend their health, wellness and their unalienable rights. The best defense is a great offense. 

Your offspring are your biological property. No one has ANY lawful authority to trespass on your property or your rights and force you or your offspring to wear a medical device known as a mask. 


School Instructions


Unenrollment form

Unenroll your offspring

Freedom of Information Act

FOIA Template

Notice of Liability and Conditional Acceptance

Notice of Liability and Conditional Acceptance

Notice of Discrimination


Upon all public servants who neglect to adhere to our contract of Notice of Liability and Conditional Acceptance they shall be noticed by your undeniable and precise claims of liability which are irrefutable by any court in the land and they shall be held liable without course of redress by using the following Petition for a proper demand for Grievances.

Living Testimony in the form of a Petition for Grievances

What is a Living Testimony in the form of a Petition for Grievances?

Instructional Video Explaining Petition Process

Instructions Living Testimony in the form of a Petition for Grievances

Sample Cover Sheet

Sample Living Testimony in the form of a Petition for Grievances

Brief in Support of Living Testimony in the Form of Petition For Grievances

What is a Surety Bond

What is a Surety Bond

Print off and read this to the School Board:

We Shall Not Consent

These are the times that try men's souls

Sex-Ed Flyers to hand out at board meetings or to parents in parks, events etc. to raise awareness:

Sex Ed 1

Sex Ed 2

Sex Ed 3

Covid Survival Rate Flyer

Covid Survival Rate

Notice to School or Employer - REFUSE VAXX

Notice to School or Employer to Refuse Jab

Additional School Templates

COVID19 Vaccine Efficacy & Safety Warranty

Notice and Demand to Act


Principal Lawful Notice (Template

Superintendent PA Lawful Notice (Template

Dear Superintendent/ Face Mask Concern (Template

Face Masks for Children - Compilation of References


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