Living Testimony in the form of a Petition for Grievances

About the Living Testimony in the form of a Petition for Grievances


These petitions are designed to hold our public servants and employers accountable for not acting in the best interests of We the People.

We have listed their unlawful violations regarding COVID-19 policies including but not limited to mask-wearing, social distancing, and vaccination. Unlawful policies have been adopted for the unprecedented mass use of medical and social interventions without regard for physical, emotional, and psychological consequences, without fully informed consent, and in the presence of coercions such as isolation and restrictions creating incalculable harm both mentally and physically to the ones that we as the public entrusted.

Every public servant is required by law to uphold their oath of office and to have an indemnity bond. That indemnity bond is in place so that if they cause harm through unlawful actions or policies, We the People are entitled to be compensated through these bonds. This is similar to holding car insurance and filing a claim when one is injured in a car accident. Your employer also carries liability insurance which is in place for you to file a claim if you are harmed or injured by them.

We have provided a remedy, listed in these petitions, to restore our unalienable and protected rights. We are asking ALL people across America to file a Petition for Grievances against the schools for harming our offspring, whether they have children currently in the school system or not. Children are our future, and it is up to us to protect them and our future generations with good health and FREEDOM.

If after people file grievance petitions, Superintendents, Commissioners, Administrators, Educators and Medical Personnel of State Schools, Employers etc. restore our freedom then we will have accomplished our goal.
If they do not restore our freedom, then YOU and every caring and devoted citizen who filed a grievance petition will file a claim with the bond carriers of every named party by contacting the risk management company that is provided to you by your state public servant or your employer.

Thank you for taking action to protect our children and our nation’s future of prosperity and FREEDOM FOR ALL!

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Department of Liquor and Cannabis Board

Cover Sheet Liquor & Cannabis 

Liquor Board Petition

Brief in Support of Petition to Liquor Board


Employer Template

Instructions Employer

Cover Sheet Employer

Employer Petition Template word

Employer Petition Template pdf

Brief in Support of Petition for Employer  

Department of Health

Instructions DOH   

Cover Sheet DOH 

Department of Health Petition word

Department of Health Petition pdf

Brief in Support of Petition


Department of Labor and Industries

Instructions L & I

Cover Sheet L & I

L & I Petition

L & I Petition pdf

Brief for L & I Template




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