Navigating and Using Discord

Discord Instructions:

  1. Discord is a communications application that allows text, voice, and video communications.

  2. Discord will run in a browser window, or via an application that can be downloaded and installed from the Discord website. It runs on smart phones or computers.

  3. A "Server" is a virtual environment created by someone to unite people in a common place online to communicate. The best way to think of a server is like a virtual office building. Like all buildings it has rooms in which folks can meet. Think of voice channels as rooms. It also has bulletin boards where folks can put up notes and read notes left by others. Think of text channels as bulletin boards. The server we use is called "Patriots United".

  4. In order to gain access to the server, the user must receive and invitation from someone authorized to send it. The invitation comes in the form of a link, and when clicked on this link brings the user directly to the server and logs them in to it.

  5. When the user first joins a server, the application displays hints that I find distracting, but they will eventually disappear.

  6. On the FAR LEFT there is a column showing a series of icons starting with the "home" icon in the far upper left, then below that icons for each server into which the user is logged. (Typically there will be only one, unless someone has joined more).

  7. The next column to the right show "Categories" and "Channels".

    1. Categories are shown in SMALL ALL CAPS (Red circle shows a category):


    2. Text Channels are shown in all-lower-case-with-dashes, and preceded by the pound sign. #text-channel-sample (Green circle shows text channels)

    3. Voice Channels are shown in upper and/or lower case letters and preceded by a tiny speaker icon:


  8. If you click on a CATEGORY, it causes the category to collapse or expand. (Toggles between one and the other). All channels that appear underneath that category will become hidden when  you collapse it, or become visible when you expand it. If you are currently viewing a text channel, or you are IN a voice channel, that channel will not be hidden when you collapse the category.

  9. If you click a text channel, the contents of that channel will appear on your main screen, (in the middle of your screen as shown above) to the right of the column with categories and channels.

  10. If you click a voice channel, you will enter that channel, and you will be able to hear the other users in that channel when they speak/broadcast, see them if they have their camera activated, and be heard/seen by them if you activate your microphone and/or camera. Normally the default setting for speaking in voice is "voice activation", which means if your microphone is working and on and not muted you can simply speak and your voice will broadcast. You may prefer to activate the "push to talk" option so that your microphone only broadcasts when you push a key.

  11. At the bottom left corner of your screen you will see information about you. When you are in a voice channel, the "Video" button will become available, and if you push it your camera will activate if it is available/functional. You will also see three icons there - a microphone, a headset, and a little cog/gear. Clicking the mic mutes it or un-mutes it. Clicking the headset shuts off the incoming sound, or "deafens" you, and clicking on the little gear brings you to your "settings". ALSO - Right Clicking the headset or mic brings up options for either.


  12. To leave a voice channel, click the little icon of the phone headset with the tiny "X" shown just above the "screen" button in the above illustration.

  13. To disconnect completely from Discord, choose the "User Settings" icon, (the little cog/gear), scroll all the way to the bottom and choose "Log Out".


  14. On the smart phone the small screen makes the application interface appear in a slightly different way.


    When you tap the server icon, the channels are shown like so:


    The icons across the bottom control the application. The far left icon always brings you to the server display. The little waving man brings you to the "friends" function, (no need to worry about that), the magnifying glass brings you to the "search" feature, and the far right icon brings you to the "settings" menu.

    To see the contents of a text channel, select it and then swipe left. To see the channel list again, swipe right.


    To log off, choose the "User Settings" icon in the bottom right, then you'll see the "Log Off" icon appear in the upper right corner. Tap that to log off of Discord.



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