Lighthouse Law Club

Lighthouse Law Club

The Lighthouse Law Club is a center for advanced learning, education and advancement in both the personal and business realms.

It's focus is the empowerment of its members with the tools of knowledge and access to contacts & opportunities so that we all may develop, preserve and enjoy the fruits of our labor to the maximum extent possible.

Above all, we are about preserving; Life, Liberty and Prosperity as represented by the traditional American values of personal independence and self reliance. We do this for all people around the globe.

Through the resources provided by The Club, members will find a focus on the essential ingredients required for freedom to exist in an unfree world. We do this by properly positioning our personal and business assets and creating the proper relationships in the global arena. 

We call our members ‘The Mastermind Group’ which consists of successful minded, informed and forward thinking individuals who seek to manage political, financial and economic risk to their best advantage. This involves asset holdings and management structures, entities to manage business finances and creating the proper relationships to enhance personal freedom wherever you are in the world.

Mark Emery

The Lighthouse Law Club is the result of a serious passion for freedom and law enforcement which has been built over many years by our founder Mark Emery.   He has been involved in some of the most amazing stories you can imagine and you have to read about them in his first book: ONE FREEMAN'S WAR IN THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION found on 

The book tells part of the story in detail, but in summary: On the domestic side Mark has taken on various levels of government with truth and law and has been an avid student of the law for 25 years.  He has applied much of what he has learned and put it into action for himself.   With those successes, he is interested in sharing and teaching people how to protect themselves in a dangerous world.   With that in mind, the original law club was born in 1990 with meetings in his office.  This new, online version is more advanced and more powerful using the state of the art 'legal technology' and being available now online, it can aid more people than ever before. 

 On the international side:  Mark has been involved in international business, economics and finance ever since his dad put him in business selling machined parts to a New Zealand railroad at the age of 15 in 1973.  Since then, Mark has built up an impressive resume starting with a bachelors degree in International Business and Language Area Studies in 1980.  He has worked for multinationals developing markets in Europe and Africa.  

He has also:

  • Hosted his own offshore business conferences around the world. 
  • Been an expat since 1999 and has lived on 3 continents
  • Traded currencies for a large hedge fund in the U.K. 
  • Been named trader of the year for a global financial advisory & investment firm
  • Started and managed a European credit union and separate trust company. 
  • Been involved with a group in starting a bank in Bahrain
  • Served as Director of the Costa Rica commodities exchange: BOLCOMER 

        .... just to give you an idea. 

The richness of experience of nearly 40 years in the international arena brings a certain level of 'know-how' in managing things on a simple and effective level.  Mark is bent on sharing this information so that it can benefit the greatest number of people possible. 

We hope you can benefit from this wealth of information. 

Listen to our founder in the short video below as he discusses The Club.

Constitutional Law Group

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The Constitutional Law Group

We are a group of Constitutional Lawyers that are experts in Constitutional Law who wisely and forcefully defend The People of the United States of America regardless of their ability to pay.

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