Mr. President Trump,                                                                                                                                      
                                It is my deepest desire to play a part of a free republic. I wish to be an active player in returning Our nation back to "We the People". If we have the same goal, I strongly urge you to contact me. I am a man who elects to be free of fear and government tyranny. I am interested in bringing forth article III courts as directed in the Constitution for the united States of America. I subscribe to the idea that the desires of many should never trespass on the sovereign protected rights of any man. A man should be allowed to live his life as he pleases so long as he does not trespass on any other's rights. Our Constitution gives remedy to all who's rights have been trespassed on. Unfortunately, "Our" Constitution has been betrayed by government officials seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of "Our" trust and the violation of their oaths to be servants of "We the People."
     There are many wanting to learn, looking for a leader. I am a leader and a teacher by all accounts. I'm looking for the many who are seeking correct knowledge, and tempered direction for "Our" Nation of sovereign independant States. It is only in the mass numbers of educated People willing to stand against injustice and tyranny that "We the People" will ever take "Our" Nation away from the clutches of satan himself; And become the blessed Republic God intented "We the People" to be.
     You, Mr. President Trump are a wise strategist. I am without doubt that you are aware of the vipers that plague "Our Nation". The Constitution for the united States of America does not give "We the People" "Our rights"; We were endowed by "Our Creator" with certain "Unalienable Rights." Government is to be limited by the Constitution. The Constitution is contact that that binds government from trespassing on "We the People's Rights."
   I'm a Constitutional Lawyer, not a B.A.R. attorney. I'm witnessing trial judges throughout "Our Nation" violating the Constitution and the Rights of the People without any regard to their Oath of Office, or the Constitution they swore to uphold. There has to be recourse for those who violate their Oaths and the Constitution.
   These corrupt B.A.R. judges and prosecutors are "Our Nation's" plague on Liberty. I am receiving calls from across "Our Nation" asking for assistance in how to over come these parasites and take their lives back. I am finding most impossible to find remedy for the innocent who's rights have been trespassed and lives destroyed.
   Assist "WE the People" in ending government corrupting by asking the local Sheriffs in "Our Counties" to adhere "Their Oaths of Office" and begin forming Grand Juries to begin investing judges and prosecutors who are violation "Their Oaths of Office"; And they won't do it, under the rules of "Armed Conflict" send in the Provost Marshal General to arrest them All.
"We the People Need the government to do the only duty it was enacted to preform; Protect the Rights of We the People"
"We the People" don't want government health care, social security or any other so called benefit. "We the People want Our Rights and Property protected and most of All from corporate government"
Best Wishes to Your, and Yours...And have a blessed Christmas... And may "We All" have a Productive New Year! 
Rick Martin
Constitutional Law Group 
December 2020

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