Please read and fill out this Notice and Demand of We the People in support of Rick Martin.


Mail, Email or call Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth from Michigan.

630 N. Cedar Street, Mason MI 48854    (517) 676-2431    (517) 676-8205

 We are restructuring our website so you can easily educate and empower yourself through the knowledge of the Constitution and the tools that we provide. We will no longer be accepting calls through our toll free number at this time. Please share and use the website and the resources available. If you don't know your rights, you have none. We are also continuing to grow our patriot network to stand up and support others who are also fighting for our freedom. If you are interested in volunteering, please go to our Volunteer tab.

In the meantime, continue to work locally to build your patriots groups to fight against the tyranny. 

 Now is the time to Educate & Unite. This is how we restore our Republic. There is power in numbers! 

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 Because we do not charge a fee, we rely 100% on donations to maximize our ability to help as many as possible regardless of their ability to pay.










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