I am a Business Owner

Know Your Unalienable Rights as a Business Owner

As a business owner, you need to be aware that the Constitution is a contract between "We the People" and the government that we created.  We ONLY delegated LIMITED powers to OUR government to protect our unalienable rights.

Download and Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

The Constitution is a passport to your sovereignty & freedom.  Ignorance of the Constitution is ignorance of your rights.  Ignorance is NOT bliss, it is downright DEADLY.  If the American People were fully aware of their unalienable rights we would not be in this massive SCAM-Demic.

Documents You Need to Post and Have Available

Notice to Government Officials

Print this flyer and post it on the doors of your business where they will most surely be seen and Noticed of their Trespass.

Don't Tread on My Business

This is a letter that you should print and have on hand in the event that a government official Trespasses into your business.

If They Trespass into Your Business

If they come into your business and begin to ask questions or make threats,

  • Start recording on your phone
  • Hand them the "Don't Tread on My Business" letter
  • Ask them for their business card, ask them their name, title and what organization they represent
  • Read the first paragraph to them:

I am aware that you are only here to “do your job” but I am WARNING you to not proceed any further. You are attempting to deprive me of my rights under the color of law and are also committing an act of domestic terrorism by attempting to “intimidate or coerce” me .

I am advising you to take this letter back to your office, copy it and get a copy to your supervisor. Please also distribute it broadly throughout your office. As the official that has been dispatched to do whatever it is you are here to do, you are the one at risk, and that is very likely not fair to you, since you are “only doing what you have been told to do.”

The problem is this: you are being told to do something that is CRIMINAL.

You are the one that is in jeopardy professionally and personally.


If they don't leave or if they come back ...

... continue recording or start recording again ...

Use another phone and call the Constitutional Law Group emergency line @ 888-983-4616 and we will be your Assistance of Counsel to explain the law and the consequences to any government entity trespassing on your rights.

If you get Fined or if they Revoke your Business License

  • You don't pay any fines.  If you can tell that a letter is a fine, don't open it.  Just write "Return to Sender" on it and put it back in the mail.
  • If you open a letter and discover it is a fine, tape it back up, write "Return to Sender" on it and put it back in the mail.

Revoking Your License?

  • If they send someone to remove your business license, call the Constitutional Law Group emergency line @ 888-983-4616 and we will be your Assistance of Counsel to explain the law and the consequences to any government entity trespassing on your rights.

If Law Enforcement Comes to Arrest You

Do NOT resist arrest.

Say this to the arresting officer:

"I DEMAND to be brought before a magistrate IMMEDIATELY for a probable cause hearing."  I am aware that there is a magistrate on duty 24/7 ,365 days a year.

If You are Taken before a Magistrate (Judge)

Tell the magistrate this: "The arresting agent is in violation of Title 18, U.S.C. Section 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, which is a felony."

Ask the magistrate this: "By what lawful authority am I being deprived of my rights?"

The magistrate will make a decision to either dismiss the charges for lack of merit, set a bond or grant a personal recognizance and set a court date and release you.

If You are Arrested and Taken to Jail

Demand your phone call immediately to your assistance of counsel at 888-983-4616. Get the names of every officer you encounter that is ordering you to do things outside of their oath of office.

Note: The sheriff needs to be made aware that he can be charged with kidnapping because whoever they unlawfully arrested has not received due process of law and it will become a kidnapping charge.

Ask the jailer to provide you with pen and paper so you can write a letter to the sheriff.

Give notice to the sheriff by writing him a letter or have someone call the sheriff and notify him that you are being unlawfully held and he can be held accountable and that he can be sued in his private capacity. If they photograph or fingerprint you it is a violation of rights under the 5th amendment and you do not have to give any evidence against yourself. 













I am a Business Owner

I am a Business Owner

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