How to Create an Affidavit


  •  Fill out an Affidavit Declaration of Truth.
  •  Against your employer or small business.
  •  Against a corrupt governor or public servant.
  •  Against school principal or superintendent for violating the Constitutionally protected rights of your offspring.
  •  Read how to fill out an affidavit then watch the 2 videos below.

 Affidavit Instruction Videos - Please watch the videos of Jack and Margy Flynn explaining the affidavit process.



 You have 3 options, because of the push back with the courts: We recommend doing all 3.

1- Send your notarized copy of Affidavit to the D.O.J. at:

Attn:  Jeffrey Rosen U.S. Attorney General 

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section, Patrick Henry Building
Washington, D.C. 20530


2. Send a notarized copy directly to the public servant.

Either send by registered mail with return receipt or hire a process server to deliver to the public servant.

Once the 10 business days have passed:

Take to your County Sheriff showing that they tacitly agreed by un-rebutting. An affidavit stands as fact in court.

Wait a week and if your Sheriff is not upholding his/her oath then send a notarized Affidavit of Formal Complaint #8 to the Sheriff by registered mail with return receipt. You will need to adjust the wording to pertain specifically to your state and Sheriff.

Wait another week and if the Sheriff will not comply then send a Notice to Act #18 under our Resources tab. Get it notarized. Send by registered mail with return receipt or send Notice and Demand to Act #19 to unite Constitutional Sheriffs and hold any corrupt public servant accountable.

3. File a notarized affidavit in ANY court supporting the Mass Tort Claim that was filed against your governor and include the cause number:

If you have any issues with filing your affidavit with the County Clerk, quote this: Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2076: Whoever, being a clerk of a district court of the United States, willfully refuses to make or forward any report, certificate, statement, or document as required by law, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. 


How to file an Affidavit:  IMPORTANT: Give only 10 business days to rebut. We have shortened the time frame.

Once completed purchase enough 2 cent stamps to put on the front of each page of your affidavit. Place them on the top right corner of each page then sign your FULL NAME in cursive in RED INK across the stamp from bottom left to top right. Be sure to include your address in the first line of the affidavit after your full name. Take the affidavit to a notary to get notarized and stamped. Have them stamp the front and back of every single page of your document. Be sure to make copies after it is notarized. One copy to send to the recipient and one for your records.

Go to your Federal Courthouse when filing against any government official/governor/public servant/schools and file it with the Clerk under "Civil Miscellaneous". File the master copy with the clerk. When filing a civil claim against a small business go to your County Courthouse and file it with the County clerk under miscellaneous.  There is a minimal fee and it is different in every state.  Ask for it to be filed and stamped immediately and get the state seal on all pages and ask for one copy.  Then make copies for the recipients and for yourself. Take note of the date, time, and name of the person who processed your paperwork and keep your copy of the affidavit and this information in a safe place.

Mail a copy of the Notarized/Court filed/Stamped/sealed copy to the recipient.  It must be sent registered mail with a receipt request, or you can hire a process server and have them sign for it. If you are filing against a governor please hire a process server.

Once you get a notification that they received it, wait 10 business days then take it to your County Clerk and request a Summary Judgement Hearing for damages because you have an unrebutted affidavit. An unrebutted affidavit stands as fact in court. The judge has to rule in your favor because they tacitly agreed.  Please contact us immediately through our website once this process is completed.

NOTICE: Many courts are not allowing you to enter the building. In these cases they have security outside that will hand-deliver your affidavit to the County Clerk. You must demand that every single page is stamped and signed by the County Clerk with the state seal. When a public servant takes custody of the document make them sign each and every page. The final page will have the County Clerks signature and seal and that it was received by them. Be sure to give them payment for filing. Document the name of the security guard or whomever delivers your affidavit to the county clerk and get them to sign that they received it on a separate piece of paper  that you keep with you to take home. Write down the date, time and name of anyone involved with your paperwork. Ask for 2 copies one to serve the public servant and one to keep for your records. NOTE: Many Courts are only allowing you to file over the internet. You will need to look into this before you head to the courthouse.


Affidavit Templates

  1. Presumptive Letter - Elements and Intent
  2. Affidavit - Elements and Intent
  3. Affidavit - Declaration of Truth (PDF version) - Against your employer or a business 
  4. COVID 19 Affidavit Template - MASTER  (PDF version) - Against any governor or any corrupt public servant
  5. School Affidavit Template -  Against the principal or superintendent
  6. New Jersey Affidavit Template - Against Governor Murphy
  7. New Jersey Affidavit of Formal Complaint  - Send to Sheriff Shaun Golden
  8. Massachusetts Affidavit Template
  9. Vermont State Affidavit Template
  10. Washington State Affidavit Template Word
  11. Montana Affidavit Template (pdf)
  12. Wisconsin State Affidavit Template
  13. California State Affidavit Template (PDF version)
  14. Utah State Affidavit Template
  15. Spirit Airlines Presumptive letter - Use this template against any Airlines violating your rights.
  16. Spirit Airlines Affidavit
  17. Costco Wholesale Affidavit
  18. Notice to Act  - Hold your County Sheriff accountable
  19. Notice & Demand to Act - Get notarized and send registered mail with return receipt or deliver directly to your COUNTY SHERIFF
How to Create an Affidavit
How to Create an Affidavit


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