Hawaii Nation

Hawaii Nation

The purpose of the Hawaii Nation is to Restore the Original Hawaiian Culture.

Hawai’i Aina Pae Ko E Manao Io ALOHA

Our Ageless Sacred Faith, Law & Creed

The Spirit of Alo-ha is simply the essence of the Hawai’ian Nation’s beliefs and practices. Alo-ha maintains the spiritual and temporal harmony and PEACE between all creation and their Creator ke Akua/Iehova. Alo is the Hawaiian word to lovingly meet or gather and greet.


Mission Statement

1st Mission and Call to Aloha Action

As everything belongs to our KIKIs (children), we plan to detox them physically and emotionally from: 1) the slow poisoning of their temporal, sacred bodies, minds and souls / spirits from western world’s implanted socialistic ideals that they are preaching and teaching in our schools, and actually practicing in the Hawaiian Islands; and 2) the western world’s slow: chemical poisoning, heavy metals poisoning (including the deadly toxin, mercury-based thimerosal used in vaccinations), radiation poisoning. The death rate in Hawaii from all the above is monumental, especially among our young… cancers, diabetes, suicide, teenage pregnancy, alcohol, dementia, etc. Healing triage treatment and educational centers will be established throughout the islands based on those most needing care.

2nd Mission Statement

The above described devastations Western Socialism’s ruling class elite (disguised in an innocent looking black dress, “incorporated” COURT) brought upon our kikis is also seriously, negatively affecting our aina’s (earth mother’s) eco system. Her ability to survive and thrive and protect her children and all living things has been gravely and criminally compromised. Due to0 toxic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, our plant and animal kingdoms have had to genetically mutate to survive. Thus, as our sacred herbal healing plants are contaminated with toxins, it will take years to find original and natural seeds and plant stock to regenerate our supply of pure, natural medicines.

3rd Mission Statement

Establish a National Army of youth. A PEACE Corps in honor of past POTUS of America, John F. Kennedy’s Peace Corps; but under the Spirit and law of our Aloha faith. A “Band of Brothers of Alo-ha” that will raise a gigantic cross on the highest mountain of each island… a symbol for all the world to see; along with our Flag of Peace to protect and once again bring our Creator Akua’s lasting PEACE to our sacred islands. In time this Band of Aloha Brothers will bring our Alo-ha message to other lands and First Nations, i.e. Indian Country (the Cherokee, Iroquois League, Crow Nation, Navaho Nation, etc.) and establish once again our international peace treaties along with embassies to facilitate brotherly communication and mutually beneficial commercial trade.

4th Mission Statement

Start healing our elderly’s broken brains due to toxic over loads that accumulate over time and grow to a “critical mass” until melt down occurs. Symptoms are severe inability to thing and reason from brain shrinkage due to dehydration causing memory loss, including Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. By detoxing their bodies this can and must be stopped and reversed.

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