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The Constitutional Law Group Advisors are listed below. 

Larry P. Arnn, Ph.D.

Larry P. Arnn, Ph.D.

President, Hillsdale College

Larry P. Arnn is the 12th president of Hillsdale College, where he is also a professor of politics and history. He received his B.A. from Arkansas State University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Government from the Claremont Graduate School. He also studied at Worcester College, Oxford University, where he served as director of research for Sir Martin Gilbert, the official biographer of Winston Churchill. From 1985 to 2000, he served as president of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy. In 1996, he was the founding chairman of the California Civil Rights Initiative, which prohibited racial preferences in state hiring, contracting, and admissions.

Dr. Arnn is on the board of directors of The Heritage Foundation, the Henry Salvatori Center of Claremont McKenna College, the Philadelphia Society, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and the Claremont Institute. He served on the U.S. Army War College Board of Visitors for two years, for which he earned the Department of the Army’s “Outstanding Civilian Service Medal.” In 2015, he received the Bradley Prize from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

Dr. Arnn is the author of three books: Liberty and Learning: The Evolution of American EducationThe Founders’ Key: The Divine and Natural Connection Between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It; and Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government.

Alan Myers, CPA, Forensic Accountant, Expert Witness

Alan Myers, CPA, Forensic Accountant, Expert Witness

Alan Myers is a CPA, Forensic Accountant, Tax Consultant, and Monetary Historian who lives and works in San Diego, CA. Over the Past 25 years, the majority of his practice has been devoted to providing accounting related services to Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees and civil litigators.

These services include tax return preparation, analysis of potential fraudulent and preference transfers, reconstructing accounting records, performing insolvency analysis and testifying in bankruptcy court and Superior Court as an expert witness.

Alan has studied, researched, and analyzed specific aspects of the Federal Reserve system (the FED), commercial banking, and the national debt. In the pursuit of the seldom discussed topics, Alan has reviewed and studied a variety of books, videos, articles, and news reports that have originated from many different sources.

Alan considers the FED’s monetary system to truly be domestic enemy NO. 1. The three main symptoms of this, by design, definitional system, are inflation, federal taxation, and national debt. Each on of these conditions can be directly traced to the FED’s monetary system. Replace the current monetary system with one that works directly for the benefit of the people, and these three conditions will disappear.

Anthony Caruso, Constitutional Lawyer, Assistance of Counsel

Anthony Caruso, Constitutional Lawyer, Assistance of Counsel

Tony is an engineer who spent much of his career assuring the reliability of our nuclear and fossil power plants nationwide. He earned a Juris Doctor in law and is a passionate advocate for Constitutional rights.

He has volunteered for organizations that fight for privacy and religious freedom. He is the author of several books, most notably "Set Our Children Free"  an expose' of the public school system in America.

He keeps busy these days fighting for liberty and representing people in need while operating his cattle ranch with his wife and children.

Peggy Hall - The Healthy American

Peggy Hall, Health Writer, Assistance of Counsel

National Media Wellness Expert

Peggy has a BA in Political Science, and a MA in International Policy Studies is a heath and wellness writer for decades and has also been called upon as a national media wellness expert with hundreds of appearances on television and radio.

Founder, The Healthy American

Peggy says, "I urge you: Don't trust your health to the headlines. Don’t trust your life to the media, and don’t trust your well-being to the government.

I started THE HEALTHY AMERICAN to share the research and links I’ve uncovered, all with the goal to educate, inform and inspire you to take action to promote truth and freedom.

Dr. David Martin, Assistance of Counsel

David Martin, Assistance of Counsel

David Martin, business man, professor, author, storyteller, inventor, oracle, father, friend and Creator of the MCAM CNBC IQ100 index, specializes in putting humanity back into humans and business.

A speaker, author, business executive and futurist, Dr. Martin’s work has been engaged in every country on Earth.  He works with his family in every endeavor of life.  

Dr. Martin received his undergraduate (BA) from Goshen College, his Masters of Science from Ball State University, and his Doctorate (PhD) from the University of Virginia.

Mark Emery, Assistance of Counsel

Mark-Emery:Boswell, Assistance of Counsel

Is the founder of the Lighthouse Law Club (LLC). LLC is the brainchild of Mark-Emery:Boswell who is a controversial international entrepreneur, financier, speaker, author, radio talk show host, freedom activist, social worker and perpetual law student.  

As a student of the law since the early 90's he has studied and learned from some of the sharpest minds available in the field of ‘pro se’ litigation, individual rights, commercial law, common law and related subject matter.


Rick Martin, Assistance of Counsel

Rick Martin, Assistance of Counsel

Constitutional Law Group Director

I am not a "B.A.R. ATTORNEY" who first duty is to the court.

I'm a Constitutional Lawyer with over 30K hours of Law Study and courtroom experience.


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