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Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr. Carrie Madej

Dr. Carrie Madej is originally from Dearborn, Michigan and received her medical degree from Kansas City University of Medical Biosciences in 2001. She then completed her traditional internship at the The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia and internal medicine residency at Mercer University in Macon Georgia.

Dr. Madej served as a private clinician and medical director of clinics in Georgia until 2015. Dr. Madej also served as an attending physician for the Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia Campus, where she mentored students in clinical applications of internal medicine for 8 years. She has served as a public speaker and was featured in the documentary, “The Marketing of Madness” about the overuse of prescription psychotropic medicines.

Dr. Madej now dedicates her time educating others on vaccines, nanotechnology, and human rights via multiple platforms and speaking engagements.

Paulette Niewczyk, MPH, PhD

Paulette Niewczyk, MPH, PhD

I have a Masters Degree in Public Health and Epidemiology and a PhD from University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. I am currently an Associate Professor with Tenure in the Department of Health Promotion at Daemen College, Amherst NY. I teach Epidemiology, Public Health, Environmental Health, Research Methods and Community Health. For the past 13 years I have served on the IRB for the ethical review of research involving human subjects, three years of which I was IRB Chair. I am also a Director of Research for the UDSMR at University at Buffalo Foundations. I have worked as a researcher in medically related fields for the past 19 years in which I have conducted a number of research studies examining functional outcomes of care including effectiveness and efficiency of patient care. I have developed functional assessment instruments to be used in acute and post-acute care settings and have validated the psychometric properties of existing functional assessment instruments used in the medical field. I have published a number of peer reviewed journal articles and presented research at numerous national and international professional conferences. I have served as a technical expert for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and as a measure developer for the National Quality Forum (NQF).

Peggy Hall, The Healthy American

Peggy Hall, Founder of The Healthy American

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PEGGY HALL, Founder of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, is a national leader in the freedom movement and is dedicated to “breathing life back into liberty.”

Peggy is the former Director of Teacher Education at the University of California, Irvine and has been an educator for 30+ years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s Degree in International Relations, and has years of experience as a health educator and community activist.

Through her inspiring educational videos, hours of legal research, and online and in-person programs to keep businesses open, to help parents get their kids out of government schools, and to help Americans protect their medical rights, Peggy empowers patriots all across the country to take action to make “positive waves of change” as we fight back this growing tidal wave of tyranny.

Follow Peggy on social media here, or see her in person at rallies and conferences where she calls for “all hands on deck” to defend life, liberty, truth and freedom.

Rashida Ghauri

Dr. Rashida Ghauri

Native of the Delaware Valley, Dr. Rashida Ghauri, growing up with both American and Asian heritage has spent most of her life studying science and technology that powers conventional medicine culminating her board certification in Internal Medicine. She came to realize that too many of her otherwise "healthy" colleagues, friends, and family were ending up with the same serious and life-threatening problems as her patients requiring hospitalization. Upon further scrutiny, she began to find inconsistencies in her own lifestyle and more concerningly, the training and science that defined "success" in her practice. This prompted her to seek further training and eventually resulted in attaining the highest professional recognition as board-certified specialists in Integrative Holistic Medicine. Rashida is doing everything in her power to treat and prevent disease and promote wellness.

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We are a group of Constitutional Lawyers that are experts in Constitutional Law who wisely and forcefully defend The People of the United States of America regardless of their ability to pay.

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