Back to Business as Usual Directory

Back to Business as Usual Directory

The Back to Business as Usual Directory is for businesses that can declare that they are indeed "back to business as usual."

The website for back to business as usual is managed by Bigfoot.Marketing

To be listed in this directory, your business is no longer following the mandates of TYRANTS (mask wearing, social distancing and whatever new nonsense they come up with).

The following Eight Items are taken from the site's home page.

  1. We will exercise our freedoms.
  2. We will use common sense.
  3. We are going to operate our businesses as usual.
  4. We will wear masks when we want to (for health reasons), but never to hide our identity.
  5. We will get as close to people as is appropriate.
  6. We will meet with as many people as we want, wherever we want and whenever we want.
  7. We will exercise our freedom of speech.  We will speak against and/or contradict any "official or expert" position that is taken by any "official or expert" anytime we want to.  We even have the right to be wrong about what we say, but we will not speak anything that we do not believe to be true.
  8. We will take the same tack for any and all other UNLAWFUL MANDATES that TYRANTS attempt to impose upon us.

We are Back to Business as Usual.  Period.

What Does it Cost?

They are only charging a minimal directory listing fee to cover administrative costs and to prevent abuse.

You may choose 1 year to lifetime.  

  • $10 for 365 days (1 Year)
  • $25 for 1,825 Days (10 Years)
  • $50 for 18,250 Days (100 Years [lifetime])

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