Attorney General Document

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Read, Print & Send: Attorney General/Solicitor General Document

This document is the foundation of evidence necessary, for all the US Attorney Generals and Solicitor Generals to file their claims and take actions within the courts.

There is no editing needed on this document other than entering your name and name of Attorney General/Solicitor General.

Please print and send via registered mail to all US State and Federal Attorneys and Solicitor Generals. (See links with addresses below) with a return receipt to yourself.

Remember, it is up to us, "We the People," to direct "OUR" public servants who are bound by their affirmation to uphold and conduct government in a Constitutional fashion under penalty of perjury who shall face the penalties of treason.

Get others to do this with you!

There is "POWER and STRENGTH" in the numbers!

Dr. David Martin - Attorney General Document  Instructional Video

AG Document Video

Attorney General Document edited by Rick Martin to include new verbiage.

To fortify your position also send a copy to your state Solicitor General.

Revised Attorney General Document

Federal US Attorneys Listing

Federal US Attorney Listing

State Attorney General Contact List

State Attorney General List

State Attorney Contact List - Mailing Address

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