A Business is Requiring A Mask

A Business is Requiring A Mask

Is A Business is Requiring you to Wear a Mask?

1st and 4th amendments. Title 18 section 242 deprivation of rights under color of law USC.

Document place, date, time and get business cards or write down the names and title of anyone that has violated your rights. Let them know that the Constitutional Law Group and Rick Martin will be contacting them and that they will be sued in their private capacity for violating your rights. 

My religion prohibits me from wearing a mask because it is  a satanic ritual amd may cause a true suicide which is also against my beliefs.

My healthcare decisions are between me and the medical profession I chose: NOT the government. I will not jeopardize my health or my family’s health because evidence shows the following risks:

  • Hypoxia: When body tissue does not get enough oxygen and
  • Hypercapnia: Elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the blood that can cause dizziness, shortness of breath, headache, and in extreme cases, hyperventilation, seizures and possible death ~OSHA


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